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Today I awoke and the sky was red;
The trees were dark and shiv'ring silhouettes.
I shut my blinds and fell back into bed
To dream of rusted skeleton regrets
That oxidized on hopes tied up with lace.
Today I awoke and the sky was red
As pomegranates and rouged lips of coquettes,
Copper awash, chasing the moon's pale face.
I shut my blinds and fell back into bed,
Tangled in sleep and sheets, my limbs unmet
With morning cold, caught in their crooked grace.
Today I awoke and the sky was red,
Skyline reflecting November sunsets;
Songbirds where quiet and wind was effaced.
I shut my blinds and fell back into bed,
To let the fire cleanse me of every regret,
And let my chest echo with empty space.
Today I awoke and the sky was red,
I shut my blinds and fell back into bed.
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This Time Imperfect (Draft I)
We held hands on the last night on earth, our mouths filled with dust.
Our skin touched like ice, the evening light heavy with ash. I could not speak for the heat in my throat, but I took your hand, and you took mine, wading through the tall grass to the trees silhouetted in the distance. The blades cast shadows across our arms and legs, their dry edges licking at our flesh like little tongues. I turned back to look into your eyes again, yours blue, mine grey, red and swollen with the hot air.
We kissed in the field under trees, screaming like dogs, bleeding dark into the leaves.
The braches were as dead up close as they had been on the skyline, and just as black. Our foreheads touched and our arms gingerly entwined, as our eyes flickered across each other's cheekbones. Your lips were cracked and dry, pale and broken, but your mouth was still warm. I felt my muscles stiffen with yours, and grappling claws spread up like vines from the ground, around my ankles, and raging
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Waiting for the Radio
I looked forward to Tuesdays like most people in these parts looked forward to Christmas.
Even before the sun had risen, I had, eyes groggily searching out of the makeshift window pane. In the other (and only) room, I heard the radio's popping, attempting to tune itself into the ancient frequencies. The old AM waves were the only electricity left soaring through the sky, whizzing about the paths that once held the billions of signals that had made the air buzz. Huddled under my ragged blanket, I listened to the familiar baritones coming through the crosshatched speakers.
"Good morning, Desert, it's five o' clock in the AM, Tuesday, February 27. . ." Keeping my blanket wrapped around me and up over my face, I staggered to the room across from my bedding and twisted the nobs on the dusty machine. I centered in on the numbers with the least static and laid my head down in the dust, back to the cloth-covered entrance. Half asleep and half listening, I listlessly swirled my fingers in the s
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Baby's breath and daises fade in the honeysuckle air,
Blooming into bouquets on the end of the earth
Of marigolds and chrysanthemums,
Petal soft with the shifting of skeletal hands.
Hibiscus clouds float across fiery foxgloves,
And they melt the light into orchids,
Irises and dark,
Leaving lavender and shaded ferns in the rosen wake,
Dew settling on the cliff of night.
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This love, it's electric.
Lightning flashed in every corner of the sky, and from the west, low growls of thunder grew closer. The wind was warm and full of static, ushering forth the roiling clouds. Though the sun had long been under the horizon and the night was dark, the  pavement of the cemetery  path was still warm beneath my feet,
I had discarded my clothes in the passenger seat, and walking up the hill, the rain pattered onto my skin like electric rhinestones. What had started out as spitting was beginning to run in rivulets down my flesh, sending shivers across my shoulder blades and down my spine. Against the black sky and the cobalt flashes, my body shone in alabaster.
Naked in the storm, I stretched my arms toward the heavens like Diana, yet no half so austere. As the cool rain licked my veins, remnants of fire were still warm between my thighs and breasts.
I felt beautiful and wild; you thought me immodest and silly.
But I wanted you to join me still.
So with a last breath of stor
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the Monster (i)
in the wings of the Monster, i felt so small. my hair curled over my shoulders, falling limp, damp and dark. but the space enveloping me was darker. i tried to slow my breathing, to stop my breasts from heaving.
'inhale. exhale.'
leather shuddered around me. the Monster sighed. i sank to the floor, knees shaking themselves into nothingness.
the Monster followed, suspending me in his shadow.
* * *
i awoke with tangled limbs. the Monster was nowhere to be seen. suddenly, i felt cold again.
"where are my knees?" my voice felt empty, but my breath had slowed and shallowed, at last.
"are you awake?" i hadn't heard the Monster speak before. in the shreds of light that came through the window shades his wings were gone, exchanged for his equally shadowed voice.
"i think so. . ." i let my eyes close for only a moment, and i wasn't awake after all.
* * *
i dreamt of the Monster when i closed my eyes. he was tall and dark, and i, in his clutches, was frail and wilting
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Stupid Damn Stars
Stupid Damn Stars and the Lantern Floating Ceremony...: My First Sonnet; Poorly Attempted, Poorly Done, and Poorly Titled
The falling stars all floated in the sea
Looking up to where their Heaven had been.
Mirrors remain; their vanity still is sin,
Chorus of light, gazing in jealousy,
For in the sky, water is all they see.
The birds swam 'round with each feathery fin,
And the stars held fish in contempt, akin
To flightless scales; in the sky was the sea.
The dark was the same where the ocean had laid
Against the heavens, and so it was the same.
But the horizon had shone darker still,
So from the sea the stars began to fade,
To press themselves to the line without name,
In vain to blacker darkness fill.
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Remembering a Little Too Late
Sometimes, I forget the most important things to remember.
To remember the smiles I've been given,
The embraces and the kisses,
Those words, those memories,
That love.
Sometimes, I remember too late.
But somehow, sleep becomes the solver of all problems,
And your love will be there tomorrow,
Getting me out of bed,
Getting me dressed, and into the light.
My love will be there, too.
And you can have it, with all of its imperfection,
With all of its forgetfulness,
If you'd like.
Beneath my flurry of apologies,
I'm remembering the most important thing:
That I've been given love.
:iconiluvstrawberries:iLuvStrawberries 1 0
"Your fingers taste like cigarettes." Her tongue curled around the tip of his index finger, sucking the essence of ashes off. The nighttime sky was black, stars hidden behind the cover of clouds that had rolled in that afternoon. It was quiet and warm, bugs creeping in through the cheap windows and skittering around on the computer screen, as crickets tried in vain to drown out the soft piano in the speakers.
Her lips were swollen with kisses and his were buzzing with menthol, shared and given. Two tired hands held each other, while she held his unoccupied fingers in her mouth. The digital clock next to the books on the nightstand had reached the familiar single digits of the late-night mornings.
They could sleep when the sun came up, because as long as such silent darkness was over them, the night was theirs, and they belonged to each other. There was no worry of tomorrows and yesterdays, and love could never break their hearts again.
Watching candles burn and insects flicker, they sp
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The Dark Side of the Seasons
The Dark Side of the Seasons
The horizon turned to watercolour rot as bird flew in alphabet letters above our heads.
They were headed south with the sun,
And they'd come back when it warmed up-
If it ever warmed up here again.
The hills faded from green to red to empty as the Dark Side of the Seasons sucked the color from the sky.
It was here to drain our heavy sunshine blood,
To fill our lungs with exhaust and cold,
And to escort the End-of-Summer to its end.
:iconiluvstrawberries:iLuvStrawberries 1 3
From April
The sunset was soft behind the rainclouds, cold and windy in the early April evening. Gravel roads were wet, and the grass was finally green, after the freezing months of grey and brown. We drove over hills, recklessly, past scattered farm houses, barking dogs running behind us. Smoke replaced the words in passing over our lips, and music raged over the roaring in the open windows.
It was times like these, some anthem of sex, drugs, and heartache blaring, cigarette resting between my fingers, that I felt content with living in every second, not mulling over regrets, not worrying about tomorrows. For a few hours, we could pretend to be free.
Getting high, with lung-fulls of smoke swirling in the air like our unspoken dreams, and sharing the warmth of two lonely bodies; it was the only time I could push the world to the back of my mind.
However wrong it was, however immoral and dishonest, it was all I had to not break into pieces from endless nights of playing solitaire and wishing for s
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The Endless End-of-Summer
The Endless End-of-Summer
Trapped inside a snowglobe,
Swirling sunshine on repeat,
Came the Endless End-of-Summer,
Spent jumping off docks,
Ducking through corn,
Leaves ripping rashes in our arms,
While the bees whispered secrets in our ears.
And stagnant water never looked so clear
The only thing between you, and infinity,
Is a bridge.
So stay close to the rails, mind the gap,
And welcome to the dry side of the damn.
:iconiluvstrawberries:iLuvStrawberries 1 5
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Gini Helen
United States
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
-Oscar Wilde
I used to be a really avid tarot card reader, way back when. And since I spent 20 bucks on a reading the other day, I really wanna take it up again.

But the more important part of this is that I have an idea.

I'd love to write a short piece of flash fiction and/or a poem for each of my cards in one of the decks (I have yet to pick the deck- they're both so different!!!!) and put it all together and stuff.

Only, I dunno if I should just do the major arcana cards (The Fool through The World) or add on the minor arcana, with all of the suits, (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles) or with all of the cards all together (aces through kings in each of the suits, as well as the major arcana cards).

Any ideas? Personally, I think that doing all of the cards would be a bit much. That's 78 separate pieces. Doing just the 22 major arcana may be slightly more manageable.

I mean, not that anyone gets on here anymore... :P

Haha, yeah.


PS. Listen to the National, they're good.
  • Listening to: The National (Conversation 16)
  • Reading: Sermons Both Blank and Relentless by Matt Hart
  • Watching: Naruto (shh- don't tell anyone)
  • Drinking: gin and tonic


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